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Thursday, 20 September 2007

New members 2007 June


Stephanie Tania Burchell holds an astrophysics degree from Harvard and is a former NASA press and media liaison officer. She now writes for the National Space Centre in Leicester.

Jasmine Farsarakis studied natural sciences at the University of East Anglia and is a freelance writer and editor specialising in medicine, health and biological sciences. She is currently Associate Editor of Nature Clinical Practice Rheumatology

Philippa Pigache is a freelance feature writer with 30 years' experience, having written for women's magazines, the Sunday Times, Daily Mail and The Guardian – as well as ITN and BBC. She has also published four acclaimed consumer health books.

James Taylor works for Medwire News and studied the MSc in Science Communication at Imperial and spent three years as an advertising copywriter. Currently writing news, he wants to branch out into feature writing in the fields of pharmaceuticals and genetics.

Richard van Noorden is Science Correspondent at Chemistry World. He has also written for Nature, Bluesci and RSC News and lists stand-up comedy among his many interests.

Patrick Walter has a biochemistry degree and has a year's experience wirting for Chemistry & Industry writing on science topics across a wide spectrum.


Tammy Boyce is the coordinator of the Science Communication MA at the Cardiff University School of Journalism.


Emily Baldwin is the editor of Prime Space, a quarterly publication of the Society for Popular Astronomy and contributes to Popular Astronomy magazine and Geoscientist. She is currently finishing a PhD in planetary science at UCL.

Joanna Katharine Hicks Carpenter holds a doctorate in chemistry and has worked as a civil servant, and editorial assistant, and a TEFL teacher. She is now studying the MSc at Imperial and is wondering how to earn a living at the end of it.

Ruth Knowles is an Imperial College London graduate, currently studying the MSc in Science Communication part-time at the University of the West of England. She is hoping to launch a career as a science writer.

Leandro Librio is a physicist and nanotechnologist now studying for the Birkbeck Diploma in Science Communication.

Victoria West is a freelance science writer and broadcaster specialising in environment and conservation.